COVID-19 Scenario Analysis Tool

MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, Imperial College London

Note: Simulation outputs should not be interpreted as predictions

Licence and Disclaimers

Any use of this software package is subject to the MIT open source Licence Agreement (the “Licence”) accessible at

“COVID-19 Scenario Analysis Tool” is a name used by Imperial College London, AquAffirm Limited and their subsidiaries to refer to this project. Licensees must not use (i) the name or trade-marks of Imperial College London, AquAffirm Limited or their subsidiaries or (ii) the “COVID-19 Scenario Analysis Tool” name or logo, in each case, in connection with any product that may be developed, manufactured, used, marketed, sold, or supplied using the COVID-19 Scenario Analysis Tool (as defined in the Licence).

The outputs from the COVID-19 Scenario Analysis Tool do not constitute clinical or individual public health advice and must not be used for the purposes of providing such advice. Any reliance placed on the data generated using the COVID-19 Scenario Analysis Tool to inform any decision, policy, expenditure, action, inaction or public or private statement is strictly at the discretion and risk of the person or body using the tool and choosing to place such reliance on it. If you have any health concerns, please refer to your regional health authorities’ guidelines and consult a medical professional.

The COVID-19 Scenario Analysis Tool has been developed in an academic environment in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to help support decision-making.


Neither Imperial College London, AquAffirm Limited nor any of their employees, directors or funding partners shall be liable for any loss suffered or for any other adverse or negative consequence arising directly or indirectly from your reliance on the outputs from this software or from any other use of this software.